Foreclosures continue to plague housing market

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Foreclosures continued to plague the U.S. housing market last quarter, while a a growing backlog has caused the length of the foreclosure process to drag on and on. Nationwide, foreclosure filings totaled 610,337 in the third quarter, an increase of less than 1% from the previous quarter, said RealtyTrac, an online […]

The Drawbacks to Buying Foreclosures

Price-conscious home buyers are lured by the low prices advertised for properties in foreclosure. They hope to show up at the auction and win the lowest bid. However, many of these homes are not available for inspection prior to purchase. Is it smart to buy a home that you cannot inspect? Could be if the price was […]

5 tips for buying a foreclosed home

Buying a foreclosed home is a little different from buying a typical resale 5 steps to buying a distressed property Get preapproved for a mortgage. Find an agent specializing in foreclosures. Know how long it takes to sell a home in your price bracket. Study the sale prices of comparable homes in your area. Remember […]

Sidestep landmines that can lead to foreclosure

There’s almost nothing more stressful – and more soul-crushing – than the specter of losing your home because you can no longer keep up with your mortgage payments. Thousands of homeowners across the United States are living with this fear, and many of them are convinced that it’s too late to avoid the worst. That, […]

Should We Walk Away From Our Home?

Question: Should We Walk Away From Our Home? A reader asks: “My husband and I bought a home at the height of the market and now it is worth less than we paid for it. Not only has our value dropped, but we owe more to the mortgage company than our home is worth.We both have good […]

10 Ways to Protect Your Neighborhood From Foreclosure Crime

When your neighbor’s home goes into foreclosure, it’s generally foreclosed by the bank quietly and with little fanfare. In a falling real estate market, many banks are understaffed and unprepared to handle the huge volumes of foreclosures, which means that home may not go back on the market for months, maybe years. But that doesn’t […]

Tips for Avoiding Foreclosure

Note: This US based article may provide tips applicable to us in the Philippines looking for foreclosed properties. Take it with a grain of salt :) Are you having trouble keeping up with your mortgage payments? Have you received a notice from your lender asking you to contact them?. If you are unable to make […]

Background: Premiere Bank

Background Information on Premiere Bank in case you want to purchase one of their Acquired Assets Premiere Bank has committed itself to providing its customers with products and services that are key opportunities for growth. Founded by the late Dr. Procopio C. Reyes on July 16, 1960, Premiere Bank has always been focused toward serving the Filipino entrepreneur. […]

Background: Postal Bank

Background Information on Postal Bank in case you want to purchase one of their Acquired Assets In 24 May 1906, the passage of Act No. 1493 created the Postal Savings Bank as a division of the Bureau of Posts. All post offices were considered and in fact operated as a division of Posts. Its operations tapped savings […]

Background: PNB

Background Information on PNB in case you want to purchase one of their Acquired Assets We are a leading, dynamic Filipino financial services group with a global presence committed to delivering a whole range of quality products and services that will create value and enrich the lives of our customers, employees, shareholders and the communities we serve. […]

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