Background: Bank of Commerce

Background Information on Bank of Commerce in case you want to purchase one of their Acquired Assets

Bank of Commerce is one of the Philippines’ progressive commercial banks. It has been in operations since 1991. The Bank offers a wide range of banking and other financial products and services, including traditional deposit products, corporate banking, consumer banking, treasury, asset management, trust services, trade, and credit card services.

Its success is due in part to its shareholder strength and commitment. Their continued trust and support has made it possible for the bank to engage in expansion activities intended to serve better its customers. Recent increases in capital funds have provided the bank opportunities to do so through investments in its distribution channels and technology, while meeting the prescribed capital requirements of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

Bank of Commerce also owes its success to its host of loyal customers, whose continuous patronage has provided the Bank with the potential for growth. The Bank’s relationships have been built through its branches, its cadre of sales and marketing officers, and its own brand of personalized, competent, and pro-active service.

The Bank continues to strive for even greater heights as it leverages its capital growth, loyal customer base, and investments in technology. In the next five (5) years, one can only expect to see an even more competitive Bank of Commerce sitting amongst the best performers in the country in terms of resources, profitability, and customer service delivery.

You are invited to experience Bank of Commerce, and be part of our even bigger and brighter future.

Contact Info:

For inquiries, please call JOEL M DELA CRUZ, JULIA MARGARET C. BUCO
TEL NO (02) 982-6274; (02) 571-7812; (02) 982-6374; or FAX (02) 571-7674

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