Development Bank of the Philippines – Visayas Properties

Development Bank of the Philippines – Visayas Properties
The Development Bank of the Philippines will entertain offers on a First-Come, First-Served basis at Asset Management, 7th Floor, DBP Head Office, Sen.Gil Puyat Ave. cor. Makati Ave., Makati City, for the following properties:
AM-190 Agro-residential lot (TCT No. T-40283) with building b/ 2,170 Brgy. Tigayon, Kalibo 1,033,000.00
AM-191 Two (2) agro-residential lots (TCT Nos. T-40284 and T-40285) b/ 13,213 Brgy. Ondoy, Ibajay 737,700.00
AM-192 Agricultural lot (TCT No. T-24069) 292,097 Brgy. Bontol, Sibalom 462,930.00
AM-193 Interior agricultural lot (TCT No. T-4571) 72,663 Brgy. Osorio, San Remigio 101,075.00
AM-194 Interior agricultural lot (TCT No. T-4573) 72,598 Brgy. Tordesillas, Sibalom 94,380.00
AM-195 Agricultural lot (TCT No. T-4569) 239,204 Brgy. Osorio, San Remigio 332,735.00
AM-196 Agricultural lot ( TCT No. T-4570) 236,525 Brgy. Osorio, San Remigio 329,030.00
AM-197 Interior agricultural lot (TCT No. T-4572) 24,310 Brgy. Tig-ohot, Sibalom 67,145.00
AM-230 Agricultural lot (TCT No. T-39285) 100,166 Brgy. Artuz, Tapaz 114,200.00
AM-032 Agricultural lot (TD No. 17416) 4,189 Cantipay, Carmen 293,000.00
AM-274 Residential lot (OCT No. 13304) with building b/ 170 Brgy. Libas, San Julian 127,800.00
AM-035 Agro-residential lot (TCT No. T-920). e/ 1,064 Int. Loyola Ave., Brgy. 2, Poblacion, Guiuan 104,000.00
AM-040 Residential lot (TD No. 030150). 104.67 Int. Roxas St., Brgy. 3, Poblacion, Llorente 31,000.00
AM-043 Cocoland (TD No. 150419). 28,956 Bacayawan, Llorente 174,000.00
AM-277 Residential lot (TCT No. 209784) with building & improvements b/ 400 Brgy. Lagubang, Barotac Nuevo 831,300.00
AM-300 Four (4) adjoining untitled residential lots (TD Nos. 08-30-0023-00864, 08-30-0023-00854, 08-30-0023-00857 & 08-30-0023-00856) with buildings and other improvements 4,167 Brgy. Guindapunan, Palo 4,912,000.00
AM-301 Agricultural lot (TCT No. T-35394) with piggery buildings and improvements b/ 6,278 Brgy. Paligos, Capiz, Alangalang 2,991,700.00
AM-302 Residential lot (TCT No. T-25176) with shed c/ 1,500 Brgy. Caibaan, Tacloban City 1,080,600.00
AM-303 Residential lot (TCT No. T-25177) with bldg. & improvements c/ 250 Brgy. Caibaan, Tacloban City 190,200.00
AM-304 Residential lot (TCT No. T-25178) 250 Brgy. Caibaan, Tacloban City 180,000.00
AM-305 Residential lot (TCT No. T-25179) c/ 500 Sitio Mahayhay (Sagkahan), Tacloban City 240,000.00
AM-306 Residential lot (TCT No. T-25180) c/ 500 Sitio Mahayhay (Sagkahan), Tacloban City 240,000.00
AM-307 Residential lot (TCT No. T-25181) c/ 500 Sitio Mahayhay (Sagkahan), Tacloban City 240,000.00
AM-308 Residential lot (TCT No. T-25182) c/ 500 Sitio Mahayhay (Sagkahan), Tacloban City 240,000.00
AM-309 Two (2) adjoining residential lots (TCT Nos. T-37516 & T-37517) with buildings and other improvements b/ 9,967 Provincial Road, Brgy. Dolores, Ormoc City 7,680,200.00
AM-315 Light-commercial lot (TCT No. T-14292) 972 Lot 27-C-1-A-1, Mabini St., Poblacion, Cadiz City 2,843,100.00
AM-316 Two (2) contiguous commercial lots (TCT Nos. T-219205 and T-219206) with buildings a/ 1,007 Brgy. 7, Zone 1, 6th Street, Bacolod City 18,538,600.00
AM-317 Commercial lot (TCT No. T-320025) with hotel buildings, furnishings, machinery & equipment 768 Lot 222-B, cor. Galo and Locsin Sts., Brgy. 11, Bacolod City 28,870,600.00
AM-318 Three (3) contiguous residential lots (TCT Nos. T-324718, T-324719 & T-324720) 956 Liroville Subd., Brgy. Singcang, Bacolod City 1,909,610.00
AM-320 Residential lot (T-117662) c/ 550 Lot 8-A, Block 17, cor. Venus & Galaxy St., Fuentebella Subd., Brgy. Taculing, Bacolod City 687,500.00
AM-321 Residential lot (TCT No. T-3247160) 485 Lot 2-B-8-B, Greensville Phase III Subd., Brgy. Villamonte, Bacolod City 1,091,250.00
AM-322 Residential lot (TCT No. T-334710) 959 Lot 52, Block 7, La Herencia Subd., Brgy. Mandalagan, Bacolod City 1,918,000.00
AM-323 Residential lot (TCT No. T-344709) 800 Lot 889-A-48, Guerrero Subd., Brgy. Alijis, Bacolod City 1,320,000.00
AM-325 Residential lot (TCT No. T-99142) with building & improvements a/ c/ 490 Lot 13 Block 38, J.M. BaƱares, Capital Heights II, Brgy. Villamonte, Bacolod City 1,282,000.00
AM-326 Residential lot (TCT No. T-237434) with building c/ 300 Lot 5-A Block 32, City Heights Subd., Brgy. Taculing, Bacolod City 454,000.00
AM-328 Residential lot (TCT No. T-344708) with building c/ 210 Lot 32 Block 24, Paglaum Village, Brgy. Mansilingan, Bacolod City 193,440.00
AM-329 Residential lot (TCT No. T-137070) c/ 1,700 Brgy. Mabini, Valladolid 680,000.00
AM-330 Residential lot (TCT No. T-137071) c/ 1,240 Brgy. Mabini, Valladolid 496,000.00
AM-331 Residential lot (TCT No. T-331761) with building & improvements 540 Lot 26 Block 6 Gardenville Subd Brgy Tangub Bacolod City 1,620,000.00
AM-332 Commercial lot (TCT No. T-276512) with building 340 Lot 29, Lizares St. Extension, Brgy. 40, Bacolod City 7,976,655.00
AM-333 Residential lot (TCT No. T-279967) with building & improvements a/ 250 Lot 22-A Block 2, Burgos-Granada Road, Jesusa Hts. Subd., Brgy. Estefania, Bacolod City 592,500.00
AM-334 Fifteen (15) individually titled residential lots c/ Fortuna Subdivision, Silay City 27,849,600.00
TCT No. T-8360 3,210
TCT No. T-8361 3,660
TCT No. T-8362 1,999
TCT No. T-8363 3,440
TCT No. T-8364 1,611
TCT No. T-8365 1,553
TCT No. T-8366 1,579
TCT No. T-8367 1,619
TCT No. T-8368 2,028
TCT No. T-8371 2,731
TCT No. T-8374 2,304
TCT No. T-8375 1,349
TCT No. T-8376 1,485
TCT No. T-8377 1,398
TCT No. T-8378 1,283 31,249
AM-335 Residential lot (TD No. 06019-10057) with bldg. c/ 207 Brgy. Baybay, Catarman 364,500.00
AM-107 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7983) with building. b/ 1,037 Brgy. Daganas, Catarman 1,121,680.00
AM-108 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7015). 166 Lot 4, Blk. 2 118,690.00
AM-110 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7029). 153 Lot 33, Blk. 3 109,395.00
AM-111 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7030). 156 Lot 34, Blk. 3 111,540.00
AM-112 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7031). 158 Lot 35, Blk. 3 112,970.00
AM-113 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7032). 152 Lot 36, Blk. 3 108,680.00
AM-118 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7037). 193 Lot 26, Blk. 5-B 137,995.00
AM-119 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7038). 157 Lot 1, Blk. 10 112,255.00
AM-120 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7039). 154 Lot 2, Blk. 10 110,110.00
AM-121 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7040). 154 Lot 3, Blk. 10 110,110.00
AM-122 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7041). 154 Lot 4, Blk. 10 110,110.00
AM-123 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7042). 154 Lot 5, Blk. 10 110,110.00
AM-124 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7043). 154 Lot 6, Blk. 10 110,110.00
AM-125 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7044). 154 Lot 7, Blk. 10 110,110.00
AM-126 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7045). 154 Lot 8, Blk. 10 110,110.00
AM-127 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7046). 154 Lot 9, Blk. 10 110,110.00
AM-128 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7047). 154 Lot 10, Blk. 10 110,110.00
AM-129 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7048). 154 Lot 11, Blk. 10 110,110.00
AM-130 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7049). 154 Lot 12, Blk. 10 110,110.00
AM-131 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7050). 154 Lot 13, Blk. 10 110,110.00
AM-132 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7051). 154 Lot 14, Blk. 10 110,110.00
AM-133 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7052). 239 Lot 15, Blk. 10 170,885.00
AM-134 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7053). 261 Lot 16, Blk. 10 186,615.00
AM-135 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7054). 189 Lot 17, Blk. 10 135,135.00
AM-136 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7055). 189 Lot 18, Blk. 10 135,135.00
AM-137 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7056). 189 Lot 19, Blk. 10 135,135.00
AM-138 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7057). 189 Lot 20, Blk. 10 135,135.00
AM-139 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7058). 189 Lot 21, Blk. 10 135,135.00
AM-140 Residential lot (TCT No. T-7059). 189 Lot 22, Blk. 10 135,135.00
AM-141 Residential lot (TD No. 02012-00489) with building. 279 Brgy. Jubasan, Allen 66,600.00
AM-144 Residential lot (TD No. 04-10121). 477 San Antonio St., Bugko, Mondragon 107,000.00
AM-345 Residential lot (TCT No. T-27,967) 204 Lumbia District, Pagadian City 408,000.00
AM-346 Residential lot (TCT No. T-27,968) 1,095 Banale, Pagadian City 219,000.00
AM-347 Agro-residential lot (TCT No. T-27,965) 2,304 Bogo, Pagadian City 240,600.00
AM-364 Residential lot (ARP No. 09010-00322 1) 137 Lot 4222, Brgy. Legaspi, Marabut 22,100.00
a/ With pending court case/s. d/ With lessee paying rent to DBP
b/ Occupied by former owner. e/ Interior lot with no right of way.
c/ With illegal occupant/s. f/ Partly traveresed by river/barangay road/canal/creek.

NOTE: Sale of property is on “as-is-where-is” to refer not only to the property’s physical condition, its contents/inclusions at time of offer to sell, but also the condition of the pertinent title/tax delaration, the extent and state of whatever rights, interest, and participation over the property DBP may have at time of offer to sell. In addition, “as-is-where-is” shall mean the buyer’s assumption of any and all claims, liens, assessments, liabilities and/or damages arising from any suit/litigation involving the property, accruing from the signing date of the Deed of Absolute Sale, to the total exclusion of DBP.

Forms for negotiated offers may be obtained from AM – ROPA and DBP Branches.

For inquiries, please call telephone numbers: 840-2783/893-7172/892-1566 or 818-9511 to 20 local 2167/2145/2117/2163/2166/2102.

For item code no. AM-198, please call telephone numbers (043) 756-4216 or 818-9511 local 1667 (DBP Lipa).

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