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METRO MANILA Properties Available for Negotiated Sale
***Prices are subject to change without prior notice***
LOT W/ IMPROVEMENT Road Lot 7, Progressive Village 2, Bagumbong 3 parcels of res’l land TA: 647 sq. m. 5,217,000 Vacant Rita/Mac
LOT W/ IMPROVEMENT Lot 4, Road Lot 32, Vista Grande, BF Resort IV Residential lot w/ 2-storey residential bldg. LA: 157 sq. m. 1,790,000 With occupant Doris/Che
1071 Villanueva St., Gatchalian Village, Barrio Marulas & Ibayo LA: 226 sq. m. 1,644,000 With occupant
OFFICE CONDOMINIUM 17D – Petron Mega Plaza FA: 272.76 sq.m. PS: 1 17, 106,000 On Lease Margie/Adrian
17E – Petron Mega Plaza FA: 238.76 sq.m. PS: 1 15,032,000 On Lease Margie/Adrian
Unit G-02, Ground Floor of Antel Platinum Tower, Valero St., Salcedo Village FA: 261.59 sq. m. PS: 2 42,854,000 On Lease/ Bank-owned Property
6/F (Old Tower) All Asia Capital Center Bldg. Paseo de Roxas St. FA: 1,102.36 sq.m. PS: 8 55,794,000 On Lease Arlene/Lito
6/F (New Tower) All Asia Capital Center Bldg. FA: 561.5 sq.m.
PS: 4
28,392,000 Vacant Arlene/Lito
Ground Floor All Asia Center Bldg. FA: 72.37 sq.m. 12,122,000 Vacant
14/F All Asia Capital Center Bldg. FA: 725.5 sq.m.
PS: 5
36,624,000 On Lease Arlene/Lito
Unit 5, The World Center Condominium, Sen. Gil J. Puyat Ave., Salcedo Village FA: 659.68 sq.m.
PS: 5
39,026,000 On Lease Doris/Che
Concorde Condominium, No. 200 Benavidez St., Legaspi Village, San Lorenzo 2 Commercial/Office Condominium Margie/Adrian
Unit 4B FA: 438 sq.m. 14,367,000 Portion on Lease
Unit 5A FA: 565 sq.m. 18,532,000 With occupant
PARKING SLOTS Kingswood Makati Condominium Arlene/Lito
PS-B2-S041 cor. Metropolitan Ave. Extn. & FA: 12.50 sq. m. 300,000
PS-B2-069 Pablo Ocampo Sr. Sts., La Paz FA: 12.50 sq. m. 330,000
PS-B2-071 FA: 12.50 sq. m. 300,000 On Lease
B2-039 FA: 12.50 sq. m. 300,000
B2-037 FA: 12.50 sq. m. 300,000
B1-S037 FA: 12.50 sq. m. 380,000
RESIDENTIAL CONDOMINIUM Unit 11E/Tower B, Kingswood Makati Condominium cor. Metropolitan Ave. Extn. & Pablo Ocampo Sr. Sts., La Paz FA: 77 sq. m. 3,234,000 On Lease/With Notice of Levy on the title
LOT W/ IMPROVEMENT Sto. Rosario Extension, Brgy. Plainview Residential lot w/ 2-storey residential bldg. LA: 248 sq. m. 4,752,000 Vacant Doris/Che
OFFICE CONDOMINIUM G/F and Mezzanine Floor, Burgundy West Bay Tower, Ocampo Street, Malate Two (2) office condominium units FA: 160 sq. m.-Ground Floor & FA: 177.88 sq. m.-Mezzanine 28,873,000 Gnd Flr-On lease/ Mezzanine-Vacant Rita/Mac
LOT W/ IMPROVEMENT Camia St., Twinville Subd., Concepcion I LA: 170 sq. m. 2,574,000.00 With pending court case Arlene/Lito
RESIDENTIAL CONDOMINIUM Bunye Compound, Ilaya St. Unit 4A- 128.969 sqm; 3 bedroom 3,869,000 Doris/Che
Unit 4B- 117.782 sqm; 3 bedroom 3,533,000
Unit 2B-86.20 sqm.; 2 bedroom 1,612,000
Unit 2A-41.83 sqm.; 1 bedroom 782,000
Pauline Condominium I, Bunye Compound, Alabang Unit 5A/GF- 128.969 sqm. 3,295,256 Doris/Tina
LOT W/ IMPROVEMENT Uding’s Compound, East Service Road, Alabang 2 parcels of resd’l lots with resd’l bldg., row houses, For nullification of Foreclosure/ No Right of Way Arlene/Tina
swimming pool & perimeter fence 21,289,000 For Direct Buyers Only
LA: 3,835 sq.m. 30,412,000 With Broker/Referror
Joas Merray Subd., Brgy. Putatan 12 comm’l/ind’l parcels of land With Pending court case/ With occupant Arlene/Lito
TA: 4,697 sqm w/ school 24,639,000 For Direct Buyers Only
building. 35,199,000 With Broker/Referror
PARKING SLOTS Pacific Avenue, Asia World City, Brgy. Tambo, 7 parking slots Arlene/Lito
3rd Basement Cleveland Tower
PS No: 88 and Washington Tower FA: 12.50 sq.m. 300,000
PS No: 87 FA: 12.50 sq.m. 300,000
PS No: 86 FA: 11.75 sq.m. 300,000
PS No: 60 FA: 11.75 sq.m. 350,000
PS No: 61 FA: 11.75 sq.m. 350,000
PS No: 70 FA: 12.665 sq.m. 300,000
PS No: 42 FA: 12.50 sq. m. 300,000
LOT ONLY Tropical Palace St., BF Homes, formerly Brgy. San Dionisio, besides Tropical Palace Resort and Hotel 3 residential lots LA: 103,739 sq.m. 228,603,000 No Road Right of Way Arlene/Tina
LOT W/ IMPROVEMENT Units 139 & 140 Brentwood Heights Townhouse Project, Jerusalem Extension, Multinational Village 141.18-sq. m. residential lot w/ 243.84-sq. m. 2 townhouse units (combined into one unit) 6,000,000 Vacant Rita/Mac
LOT ONLY F. Manalo Street, Brgy. Malinao Resd’l/Comm’l lot LA: 967 sq. m. 11,604,000 With occupants Doris/Che
LOT W/ IMPROVEMENT No. 1 Bathaluman Street, Amada Village, Rosario Resd’l lot w/ improvement LA: 348 sq. m. 1,878,000 With occupants
OFFICE CONDOMINIUM 28th Floor, IBM Plaza Bldg., East Wood City Cyberpark, E. Rodriguez Ave., Bagumbayan 8 Office Condo. Units w/ total area of 921.60 sq. m. Unit Nos. 28C, 28D, 28E, 28F, 28H, 28I, 28J & 28K 41,472,000 Vacant Doris/Che
RESIDENTIAL CONDOMINIUM 2nd Level, Unit 203, PARC 15th Avenue Condominium, San Roque, Quirino (formerly Cubao) FA: 46.61 sq. m. 1,491,000 With occupants Arlene/Lito
Iriga Mansion Condominium No. 152 Iriga St., La Loma Unit S-104 Second Floor FA: 22.10 sq.m. 486,200 With occupants Arlene/Tina
Unit S-106 Second Floor FA: 31.00 sq.m. 682,000 For correction of FA/With occupant
PARKING SLOTS PS No. 3, ground FA: 12.00 sq.m. 120,000
PS No. 6, ground FA: 12.00 sq.m. 120,000
PS No. 7, ground FA: 12.00 sq.m. 120,000
LOT ONLY Maparaan Street, Central, Diliman 411.7 sq. m. 6,587,000 W/ illegal occupants Doris/Che
446.1 sq. m. 8,922,000 W/ illegal occupants
LOT W/ IMPROVEMENT cor. of 1st and 5th Camarilla Sts. Murphy, Cubao Comm’l/Ind’l lot with 3-storey comml bldg with LA: 324 sq. m. FA:943 sqm 14,885,000 Vacant Arlene/Lito
Margie/Rita/Doris/Ali/Che : 405-7645; 522-0000 loc. 2482/2308/7405/7248/7247 Arlene/Lito/Adrian/Mac/Tina : 522-0000 loc. 2481/2374; 405-7156

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Important Reminders:
1. Properties are sold on an “AS IS WHERE IS” basis.
2. Properties and prices are subject to change without prior notice.
3. Landbank reserves the right to correct errors in prices, terms and status of the properties in the event discrepances are discovered.

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