China Bank Listings Download Here

Download China Bank Listings Here

1. Completely filled-out Offer to Buy form duly signed by the buyer and the broker, if any.

2. All Offers to Buy shall be immediately submitted to Acquired Assets Division for
record, reference and authentication purposes.

3. In case of faxed offers, the original copy of the Offer to Buy shall be submitted
within three (3) banking days after it was faxed; otherwise other offers made
subsequently will be given priority.

4. Mode of Payment

a. In full – Cash Sales or Other Bank Take-Out
b. Installment Basis – minimum of 30% downpayment

– 70% balance payable for a maximum of five (5) years
Interest Rates : 1-3 years – 11.25% per annum
4-5 years – 12.25% per annum

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